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Welcome to DNA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
DNA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (DNA) is the flagship company in the field of Infrastructure Development from the Promoters of Spicejet Airline , one of the Most Popular low cost Airline in India.

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Delhi possesses a formidable base of skills and equipment that can be scaled to meet any requirement within a short turnaround time. Having put together the best of professionals in the various fields of Infrastructure experience of more than a few decades in various construction industries. The Company is today poised to take on futuristic projects that need ‘Out of the Box thinking’, anywhere in the country and across the Globe. Innovative ideas that need unconventional thinking is exactly what the strategy team at DNA applies to provide viable solutions for challenging projects. At its disposal a talent pool of Technical Manpower with world-class Construction Methodology, a fleet of state-of-the-art construction machinery, DNA also has a panel of consultants who have proven expertise in various fields of civil and infrastructure engineering. A highly advanced, optimized operations model ensures timely, efficient and cost-effective deliveries to clients.



DNA has in a short Span acquired a track record of Booking Projects in The field of Civil Construction for Thermal Power Project, Hydro Power Project and Specialized water Treatment Project for Arsenic & Fluoride affected Villages with almost all major customers in Government as well as Corporate in India.
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